100 days of coding projects

  1. projects ideas
  2. checklist
  3. iRule (bonus derivative from yesterday)
  4. Grid...completely broken and ended up being a lot harder to do what I thought would be something simple. I will return to this...
  5. Gridder. I have dominated what I failed to do yesterday!
  6. PodCard to use on my site eventually to replace Bootstrap elements
  7. goodBtn for podcast subscribe buttons...has nice hover effect only good for desktop, but fun nonetheless :)
  8. goodNav for podcast website. limited time today; but it's something
  9. xPander for podcast image expanding to card
  10. cleaner gritHackr page (this page!)
  11. beginnings of new front page
  12. added working card to front page (still need to upgrade the buttons
  13. Colt Steele's Web Dev Bootcamp; Section 18: Intro to jQuery
  14. Added the goodBtn to the podcast card on the main page
  15. Coming Soon Podcast preview page with Mailchimp Signup Form
  16. Began re-building a local site that is not looking great
  17. jQuery events
  18. jQuery toDo List App Construction Day 1
  19. explored paperjs and beginning Patatap web app
  20. made circle Grid with paperjs, though failed to get it running on Codepen
  21. finished coding along the patatap clone