Hey, I'm Eamonn

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives and executives to level up their websites.


I love writing about technology; it helps fuel my insatiable desire to keep learning.


or How I Learned to Stop Thinking and Love the Thoughts.

Web3, what?

Sifting through the detritus of the internet and trying to be hip enough to understand where it's supposedly going next.

Infinite Data

A journey in and through data analytics with Google as my faithful steed.


I love fixing old things as much as building new ones.

Pinhoti Trail Race

A race site for the Pinhoti 100 mile footrace. This is a concept site I made for an existing race in need of a makeover. I used Stackbit with Hugo & Forestry for this and deployed it on Netlify.

Undertow Podcasts

This is the home page for my podcast network, and one that I coded from scratch using HTML, CSS and the Bootstrap 4 framework.

Recovery Group

This is the home page for a recovery group. I coded it for them from scratch during 2020 when they needed an online alternative to in-person resources they were using.

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