Abysmally Yet Un-Catastrophically Lacerated

To live with the incessant desire to have my hands full of and overflowing with a senselessly diverse mixture of various projects and concepts and possibilities and capabilities provides within me the catalyst for the crucifixion of complacency which I so often tout about like a badge of endearment, a stamp of exceptionalism, a missive giving voice to the curious deviance and delight and festering mysteriousities which my fooling about should and has and will bring about. 

This to say that a new fna show is just around the corner. As well, the weekend saw much recording and this evening has led to a great deal of trimming and refining. Which means, more episodes of Jon Swansong are now in the bedrock of the interwebs waiting to be birthed on their predestined dates. Those dates happen to be the next very many Sunday afternoons.