The Grey Terror

In honor of the beautifully dismal aura which depicts in my mind at least the impending picture of a stormy afternoon, the fna lair is playing host to the voice acting skills of yours truly as I narrate episodes thirteen and fifteen of the Swansong Podcast

Additionally, episode ten will be released very shortly, so head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast in order to continue the adventures of Jon Swansong. 

Equally as fascinating to me is the discovery of a the Dutch-American marine painter, Mauritz de Hass and the fact that his works are in the public domain for the optical joy of us all. 

Lastly, and as part of what this site has primarily kept track of, I have failed to keep you briefed regarding my progress toward a million written words over the course of most of September. The current count stands at 67,494 and includes only 7,200 words this month.  

That is all.