fna resurrection

 well, i've done it.  

the fna show has been reborn. it will play host to some of the short, short stories i've been scripting recently alongside Dragon Arrow. 

check out the first...well, errr, the 37th fna show...episode in this little series below. 

i've also added a tab at the top of the page for fna specific stuff. back in '07 or so, i began using libsyn to host the shows. now that i've got my own site, it will take some work to get everything here, but eventually that's the goal. for now, and for the sake of the iTunes feed, i'll be maintaining updates both on the fna tab here as well as hosting the shows on libsyn. 

if that's too complicated for you, simply click below and listen to the show. then click the iTunes link and subscribe to it.