Drippety Droppety Drivelness

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I sat down to write this evening as I find myself doing more evenings than not these days, and I paused to figure out what I would write about. It's in those few moments (I can't let them collect into many self-critical moments or else they'll strike me down) that I typically think about what I wrote the previous day, what plans I have (if any) for today's writing, and what scenes I know have to be scripted.

Problem is, I have no idea where this story's going. 

That's not entirely true. I have somewhere between a  foggy and a decent idea of some of the things I would like to have happen. Like today, I needed a few things to happen. When I start writing, it's all very clear--my objectives, that is. But once I get going, the characters start doing other stuff, or else they just take too darn long to do the things I want them to do--I guess that's why God made editors.

I need to outline. I keep saying this to myself. I keep not outlining.  

1,053 words written today; 57,467 since inception.