Twisting Tales

'Twas a morning in Ri'Ade. I've returned to the back history of Dragon Arrow which I consider to be an excellent Sunday morning exercise in my own sanity.

Also, I've begun reading House of Leaves for the second time. It appears that I've forgotten most everything about this reportedly horrifying book. 

Friday, though I didn't update, I managed to get a pretty good start on short, short story number four. I will get on editing a couple of those for an unveiling next week. Haven't decided if that will be in print or podcast or both. 

Regarding Swansong: we recorded episodes seven and eight and edited episodes five and six yesterday. Today, the next two chapters will be released! That's right, it's a two for one Sunday. They are both shorter as well as intertwined. Look forward to those this evening. 

2,487 words written Fri & today; 56,414 since inception.