Pooling Breezes

Okay, this is day two of stalling out after starting work with Dragon Arrow. This is actually a good thing. It's forced me to do what I've been wanting to do for a while. Two days, two short stories and potentially two podcasts. 

Dragon Arrow has reached the point where it's too big for me to keep going much longer and keep track of the things that I want to happen. That sounds a bit grandiose, but you could always view it as my brain being to small rather than the story being too big. Whatever the chosen perspective, I believe it's time to sift through what I've got, weed out the crap and stencil an outline to move forward with.

I'm going to begin posting these short stories soon. That, of course will require a read-through first as well, though. Perhaps one day I'll get comfortable enough to just throw them up pre-edit from time to time...but that day is not this day.

1,570 words written today; 52,151 since inception