The Dusk and The Doorway

After discovering a like-minded podcast, Welcome to Night Vale today, I'm very inspired to re-start my first podcast, the fna show

At the very least, it's solidified the re-occurring thought that I should be diversifying my writing somewhat so that I can be working on a big project (Dragon Arrow) at any one time while also scripting some smaller works (short stories and super short stories) that I can then actually share here. This novel concept of actually posting the things I'm writing rather than merely the fact that I am writing might prove more meaningful to those actually reading this blog.

As such, today I've scripted a short scene entitled The Dusk and The Doorway which I will both post here when I've edited it as well as turn into an fna show orchestration in the near future.


959 words written today; 50,581 since inception.