The Oppressive, Comprehensive Overview

Bemoaning the evil nature of the immovable layout of an outline, I have for some time distanced myself from the horrors which even the thought of an outline provoked.

However, a new dawn is upon us.

I have today scripted an outline to be used for the forthcoming NaNoWriMo. I've broken past my preconceived and largely un-investigated prejudices against the outline, and having done so found that it wasn't all that bad after all. A bit like scenes in fast-forward--putting little pieces of major ideas down and seeing how they might tie together.

At any rate, I have a  rough outline to work from and add to as November approaches.  And, no, I'm not above counting the 555 words in the current version of this outline toward my million words.


555 words written today; 68,049 since inception