swindling dwindling phrases

Eager to find completion, if only for its own sake, I've put the final touches on the final bits of part two of our novel this morning. 

What's that? Oh, yes, my best friend Brian and I have been scripting our first fantasy novel for the better part of either one or two years depending upon the proper perspective of when the real efforts began.  

Jon Swansong and the Pirata Isle will probably consist of three parts upon its completion, though the editing process has seen many additions and changes to the structure of the novel as a whole.  It's a young adult fantasy complete with magic, ships, mysterious islands and an ancient evil bad guy bent on taking over the world.

It's basically awesome.

We are working on achieving a publishing deal through Amazon and look forward to telling you more soon. 

What does this have to do with hacking and information security? It would take too long to draw the crafty comparisons and parallels between these two creative, yet also analytic processes. The site and podcast will continue to be an extension of my aforementioned mission to crucify complacency.