backslash backlash

Back in '07-'08 after I'd hashed out what exactly the fna show was to at least try and be, I found myself apologizing after periodic absences from the interwebs. I had become good at producing the content that I would extract from the tirades in my head, but I was consumed by a self-imposed guilt based off of a perceived expectation from a non-existent collection of listeners.

The whole point of fna was a self-professed crucifixion of complacency, and it rarely wavered from that noble end insofar as I sought it. My problem was not the failed regularity which I felt I owed others but believing my own lie that I might achieve fulfillment through their eventual amusement. 

"...the action is the juice." --Michael Cheritto



Falling from grace and again from regularity, I won't apologize for the diversion of purpose that iwanttohack has taken. Rather, I'd like to continue utilizing it is a platform for my continual crucifixion of complacency.

This being the case, please know three things currently:

  1. Idiotbooks has spurned me back into action, however un-directional it may currently be, and I'm thoroughly impressed with and grateful for my recent exposure to genius.
  2. The novel that my friend Brian and I have been crafting is nearing edited completion and has taken much, if not all, of my creative time over the past couple months. I hope to present a multi-media look at it soon.
  3. I Want to Hack is not going anywhere. Though its purpose may and likely is evolving, I will continue the work here that fuels the fire within.