The new classes have begun. I am awaiting the final verdict from my Python course. I'm confident that I passed, but always hesitant to rejoice till the final word comes out. I've gathered together all my wits and put together the following plan/goal per day:

  1. Code some on Codecademy
  2. 30 min of work on Database class
  3. 30 min of work on Information Security class
  4. 500 words written in book (not related to tech, but it's on the master goal list nonetheless)

I'm pretty sure that databases are excellent

I'm pretty pumped about these two new courses. Of course, the Information Security class address precisely the genre that is my end game with all this tech stuff, and then databases are extraordinarily intriguing to me. I believe I may learn some stuff that I can put to use in my current job during that course.

Above all else, I'm striving to make little steps, as Bill Murray would say...each day. That's where I hurt myself with Python--I didn't do it every day. 

Regarding the accompanying podcast, more shall be revealed. Angela and I are discussing doing a very brief, five minute or so update weekly. The trial run this fall was good, but it took too long to produce. I wish there were 30 hours in a day.