Class Behemoth

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So we've been in a discussion sequence centered around object-oriented programming during the last few sections of Python. Among a wealth of items that orbit over my head, we have learned about creating user-defined classes.

Here's what wikipedia has to say about classes.

This has been excellent, albeit slow, work. Join Angela and I as we (mostly I as she is exhausted today) rant a bit about the problem set I did defining various classes in order to implement a program that has a robot clean the surface of a rectangular room.

The graphical display of the program plus some of the Rectangular Room functions and class definition.

I cannot take credit for the programming of the graphical representation of the cleaning robot program that was written. The Python shell that we're using comes with PyLab, a built in program that allows you to generate line graphs and other types of graphical representations while using Python. The instructors for the course actually programmed all the PyLab code for the rectangular room and robot seen above.

Here's a link to the entire code that was written for your viewing reference.

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Subscribe to the podcast for free in iTunes!