Well, I've just got done submitting Problem Set 3 for the MIT 6.00x (this is the actual course number for the Python programming class). It was another long trial with a ton of errors before I finally got my codes working. In essence, we were tasked with creating a 'simple' (hah) hangman game where you have eight guesses to guess the word.

There were four functions in all that we had to create and the fourth one called upon the other three to run the game. Here's a pic of the final part of the code on the right and the output on the left...'

I've actually got to watch two lecture videos in the third section to finish it up: one on objects as functions and one on dictionaries. I had skipped ahead a bit to start working on the problem set since it was due this evening.

The two sections for week four are Debugging and Efficiency and Orders of Growth. Sounds interesting enough...more shall be revealed.  Gotta dive into the security + book some more also. Reading on my phone makes it seem like a behemoth of a book--really need to get one of the new Paperwhites...

May the force be with you,