Intro to Python in Eamonn's Terms

Over the course of the past nine days, I've begun the trek toward Python comprehension.

Utilizing EDX's marvelous Intro to Computer Science and Programming course online, I've been introduced to the various types of programming languages, the basic architecture of computers and programs, some branching programs, iterations, guess and check algorithms, floating point accuracy and loop mechanisms. 

I'm a bit overwhelmed, but the problem sets after each lecture really drive home what's going on. I learn best in a trial scenario where I can actually do what has just been explained.

I'm hopeful that given a few more weeks of class coupled with the beginning of a Computer Science course this Monday (surely there will be positive overlap) I'll be an aspiring Python pro. The I Want to Hack podcast will be available on iTunes very soon also; I submitted the feed today (Oct 14th) and they'll have to validate it and everything before it is live on their store.

Also on the agenda this coming week will be the purchase of a Security + training book to delve into that certification. This will represent the first actual money that I'll sink into this endeavor. 

May the force be with you,