I Want to Hack is the story in podcast and blog form of Eamonn's journey into information security and computer programming. It ran from 2012 - early 2013 when I Want to Write took precedent. After graduating with a business degree from Millsaps College, Eamonn quickly began searching for his next endeavor. Computers and technology have always held a spot of reverence for him, and as such, he saw it fitting to expand his knowledge in the coming years. Shifting gears from his business repertoire and delving into more creative pastures has already been invigorating for him. Currently, in addition to his programming courses, he works as the financial officer for a local chain of restaurants and is co-authoring his first novel.

Eamonn's previous two podcasts can be found at sieis.com

Angela, Eamonn's wife, is along for the journey as his co-host on I Want to Hack. A marketing graduate from Florida State, she is a financial services professional at New York Life with little beyond a cursory knowledge of most things tech. This makes her the perfect compass for Eamonn's ranting, guiding him back to earth with questions from a true beginner's perspective. She also brings a carefree spirit to the show, often dragging Eamonn out of the ones and zeros to enjoy a good laugh at himself.

At the end of the day, they are both IT amateurs  And that is the purpose behind I Want to Hack: to provide a novice the opportunity to follow Eamonn from beginning to end...wherever that may lead. Enjoy the shows!

Eamonn and Angela at the summit of the Chimney Tops  in The Smokey Mountains.