runTired Marathon Farragut Course

  • The course is a 2 lap loop through Village Green, Fox Den, Fox Run and the Farragut Green-ways interspersed throughout the area. It begins at the Farragut Branch Library down by the creek.
  • All good runs should either pass through woods, by water or both.
  • No injury or death allowed before, during or after the runTired fun run marathon. Those are deeply NOT fun.


barista battle overview.jpg

Barista Battle


Emerging from the subconsciousness of Eamonn in the fall of 2015, Barista Battle is a collectible card game of chance, strategy and despair. Much like a typical barista's shift.

It was a joy to create :)


Jon Swansong And

the Pirata Isle

The collaborative inaugural fantasy novel by Eamonn Cottrell & Brian Stallings, Swansong is an adventure set on the high seas of the Escando Ocean and the mythical land of Pirata Isle.



The Day of High Fives 2014 is now available for your pleasure below: